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terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2015

Travel guide

Text: Brazil Travel Guide
Is there any place do you want to visit? In Brazil there are wonderful places to visit.
Take a look at these three sightseeing in Brazil

Dunes Park has a singular beauty. It is located in Natal,
Brazil. There is an average of 150,000 visitors annually.
There are 1,172 acres of white sand and you can
get on the top of the Park by buggy. You also can ride a
camel and you don’t need to go to the pyramid or a desert
to do that!
There are 250 species of plants. It is a perfect view of the environment. Go visit this unique place with your family!

Where is this castle from? If your answer it is from any European country, you’re wrong.
The San João Castle is located in Recife, Brazil.
At the Ricardo Brennand Institute there are collections of European paintings, outdoor sculptures, armory, decorative arts and furniture from Early Middle Ages to 20th century.
There are around 3,000 pieces of medieval armory. You
feel you are in another country. It’s really worth to visit!

Iguassu Falls is an unforgettable place. It is located on the
border from 3 countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.
So if you don't want to spend all your time on the Brazilian
side, you can visit Argentina to admire this natural wonder
from another perspective.
There isn’t just one waterfall but there are around 275
individual cascades. The height of the falls varies between
40 to 80 meters. There is a big platform so visitors can
walk on it to take gorgeous pictures near the falls.